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What is the Crypto Masterclass?

Dec 8

Are you looking for a crypto masterclass review? Then this is an interesting article for you.

Derek Westra and Patrick Suiker are the founders of the All about Crypto platform and also the two instructors of the course, who will help you further in your career as a crypto trader. Both men have more than 7 years of experience in the world of crypto and therefore know what they are doing. Since 2017, they also own the website and the Crypto Masterclass. Here they share useful tips and tricks that they have gained through their years of experience.


Derek Westra studied at the Free University in Amsterdam, but after completing this she is exclusively engaged in trading crypto. After his studies, Patrick Suiker also came into contact with cryptocurrencies, namely Litecoin. Both have been exclusively active in the world of crypto since 2013. They know exactly what to do, but also what not to do. They are happy to show you all the ins and outs for yourself on their website and in the Crypto Masterclass of this review.

What is Crypto Masterclass?

This is the website of Westra and Suiker, which they founded in 2017. This is also where the Crypto Masterclass, which we cover in this review, is offered. In addition, you can also track and analyze the prices of almost all cryptocurrencies live on the website. Westra and Suiker's knowledge base contains various insightful tips, as well as common mistakes that you can avoid after reading them. Finally, they also offer you a free webinar on cryptocurrency trading on their platform. Spoiler: later in this review about the Crypto Masterclass we will tell you why this webinar is more than a simple lecture about crypto, but especially why you should absolutely follow it.

In a review about the Crypto Masterclass, the content of the course cannot be left unsaid. The Masterclass is divided into two different parts, each consisting of several modules. The first part focuses on familiarizing yourself with the world of crypto and getting a flying start. This foundation will teach you everything about trading, how to secure your currency and which currencies you should focus on because of the great growth potential. You will learn this in eight different modules.

The second part mainly expands on what you have already learned and transforms you from a novice trader to a more advanced expert. In the five modules that this part is rich in, you learn to earn big money by trading crypto. In the review of the Crypto Masterclass, we briefly go through both parts and all thirteen modules with you, so that you know exactly what to expect in each module.