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3 Keys to Growing a Medical Billing Service

Jan 17

Due to the surge in Covid-19, the healthcare business has been increasing. The growth in the healthcare business has resulted in the development of Medical Billing Companies. This is the reason that now is the best time to focus on growing your medical billing services. 

According to a recent survey, many medical practices have outsourced medical billing services from medical billing providers to be independent and focus more on patient care—even the small methods with employed billing staff plan to outsource medical billing services in the upcoming years. If you are one of such practices, then one such company that provides the best medical billing services with the help of medical billing specialist is UControl Billing. 

How is a successful medical billing company built?

The main reason behind the growth of medical billing services providers is that it is reported that about 54% of the physicians believe that the major problem of them was the time spent on administrative tasks that are related to generating bills and collecting payments. Why? 

As stated before, the medical billing service provider is currently in high demand, therefore building a  medical billing company is one of the best moves. Following the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for medical records and medical billing specialists has recently increased and is expected to grow even more. The employment rate of medical billers and coders is more than every other occupancy in the states.  

Although building a medical billing company might look challenging, you can develop and grow any medical billing service with the proper guidelines and tools! Here are a few steps for doing that:

Selecting the right software

To become a successful medical billing company, choosing software is one of the most important decisions. Good software manages all the billing processes accurately, seamlessly, and with minimal effort from you. The software is the main medium where virtually all your medical billing operations are executed and controlled. Therefore, having the right software with all the necessary capabilities will satisfy your customers and avoid other issues. The best software is the one that can work:  

  • Billing operations
  • End-to-end claims
  • Entire patient collections processes

The software should be able to handle medical billing as now the medical practitioners expect that the medical billing service providers will manage their billing and other services and processes like practice management services, appointment scheduling, and insurance eligibility verification. Therefore, selecting medical billing software with fully integrated practice management features is essential. The last thing that should be considered while choosing the right software is that the software you select should allow you to scale up quickly and be functional for several practices, as you won't be having only one or two clients. 

Acquire a license

Getting a license is necessary for running a small and big medical billing company. Therefore, obtaining the permit as early as possible is better to avoid fines, fees, and regulatory challenges. Before applying for the license, ensure that you know all about the requirements that the city/state expects from you to run the medical billing company. 

Use the best professional services.

Other than billing, several other back-end processes are necessary to run a billing company. You will need accounting services, legal counsel, insurance policies, and coverage at the back-end. These professionals are essential as legal counsel will help you draft and review your contracts and procedures. An accounting service enables you to manage your company's books, select your business structure, and handle your taxes. Therefore, to become a good medical billing service provider, partner up with the professionals and ensure that they are experienced, trustable, and reputable in the medical billing industry. 

Join beneficial associations

It is essential to get as much support and access to information as to avoid mistakes and errors. You can stay updated and informed by joining established associations and organizations. These associations provide guidance and access to several resources. The associations that are worth joining include the following:

  1. Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA)
  2. American Medical Billing Association (AMBA)
  3. American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  4. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
  5. American Medical Association (AMA)

Another benefit of joining these associations is that you will get opportunities to network and get pieces of training. All these associations charge annual membership fees. 

Essential Keys to Growing a Medical Billing Service

After setting up or building your medical billing company, the next thing on your to-do list should be focusing on the growth and expansion of the medical billing company. Here are three key guidelines that will help any medical billing service provider to grow and expand: 

Marketing and reputation

For the success of any medical company, it is important to acquire potential clients. For growth, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, the most important factor is the clients, as you at least need one client to get things going. To gain clients, the best strategy is to spread awareness regarding the services and specialists of your medical billing company. To spread awareness, you will need the best marketing strategies. The first thing that you will need is a  professional website. Besides the website, you will also be required to create a presence on different social media platforms. The content on the website and social media platforms should be SEO optimized. In this way, you will be able to gain engagement and popularity.

Today's online reputation is crucial as it directly and significantly affects your client acquisition ability. Therefore it is better to audit and review your company's online presence. One such medical billing service provider with good customer feedback is UControl Billing! Show off your positive reviews and address negative thoughts as soon as possible.  

Deal with professionals

To gain a reputation in the business world, it is very important to deal and work with professionals professionally. To work with professionals, ensure that your tools and client onboarding process are good to go before taking them on. If you are ready, there will be no delay between when clients show interest in using your services and signing the contract. 

A professional medical billing company should have contract templates that include party responsibilities, terms and conditions, and termination provisions. Other than that, you should also include forms that will collect new clients' requisite and essential practice information. In addition to that, it will be a good idea to draft an onboarding document that will contain expected client questions, all the services you offer, and your client-biller communication structures.

Strengthen your business offerings

To grow and flourish s a medical billing company, it is a good idea to integrate other services in addition to medical billing. Your medical billing company can provide services like 

  • Practice management
  • Marketing
  • Patient engagement 

By doing so, your company will become a 'one-stop solution 'for healthcare practices. Also, as stated before, choosing the right software is an integral part of the growth of any medical billing service provider. 


As now more and more medical care providers want to outsource their medical billing, it is good to grow your medical billing company to grow and expand; follow these 3 key guidelines. Your medical billing service will grow and flourish by improving your reputation, marketing, ability to deal with the professionals, and strengthening the offerings; your medical billing service will grow and thrive. If you are a health practice looking into outsourcing medical billing services, reach out to UControl Billing now!