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Best Small Business CRM Comparisons | GetExtendly

Feb 21

A business is very much incomplete without a CRM system. A small business with no CRM software is like a car with no gas or wheels, it's not going anywhere or getting anything done.

CRM software can help your small business manage its information in an efficient way which is crucial for growth.  There are several CRM systems available today so choosing the right one for you might be tough. The key to choosing the best CRM solution for your company lies in understanding the needs of your company and identifying features that will serve those needs well. It requires some effort but it's worth it! Let us now have a look at some of the most popular CRMs available today.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is used by many companies to manage leads, opportunities, and accounts. It has a unique "AppExchange," which is a marketplace for add-ons. Through the AppExchange you can get third-party apps that will help fulfill your business needs such as SalesForce Desk. The desk is one of its own kind customer service portal that helps businesses support their clients through different social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.,

Zoho CRM works well for small businesses with five or fewer employees and is best suited for companies that need an affordable solution with limited features. Zoho is faster than other CRMs and has better reporting capabilities.

Pros:  It's easy to use and very affordable, runs smoothly on most devices, and is mostly secure (98% of security audits passed successfully)

Cons:  It lacks some important features like data portability, offline mode, etc.

Pros:  Free version is very affordable and runs smoothly on most devices including mobiles. It has robust security (over 80% of security audits passed successfully). The paid version has many advanced features like automated lead assignment, social media integration, etc.


The free version is quite limited in features compared to other CRMs.

Pros: A simple one-click installation process makes it easy to set up your CRM instantly. There are no hidden charges or contracts involved, so you can always choose from a variety of plans that best suit the size and needs of your business. A full 30-day free trial is also available.

Cons:  It's not mobile-friendly and doesn't offer much in the terms of analytics, support for third-party apps, etc.

Pros:  Very easy to set up and offers a free 14-day trial. ActiveCollab is secure and can be used offline. The software has good reports and dashboards features which will help you monitor your business performance at all times. It also integrates well with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

Cons:  The free version lacks some important features such as multiple user management, app integration, email marketing, etc. However, there is a pro version that's more suitable for growing businesses.

Pros: This CRM provides excellent customer service by helping you keep your customers close through features like different stages of user engagement, goal setting, etc.

Cons: It doesn't offer much analytics for businesses that need to gather data and analyze it in order to make decisions about their business.

Pros: The mobile app offers push notifications that will alert you whenever there is a change in your lead/customer status. This can be extremely beneficial for sales representatives who are out in the field trying to sell! ZenDesk also has good reporting capabilities and provides great security (over 98% of security audits passed successfully).

Cons: It's not so easy on the pocket - the free version does have some limitations when compared with other CRMs. Also, there aren't too many options for customizing your CRM.

Pros:  It's easy to install and can be used by small businesses that are just looking for the basics. It also offers good file sharing facilities which will prove very useful for business owners who are collaborating with their team members or clients on projects via email/Dropbox.

Cons: The free version lacks some important features like multiple user management, integration with third-party apps, etc.

Go4Expert CRM is a simple option for start-ups with few employees who need an affordable solution without too many advanced features. It allows you to manage leads, track contacts, send personalized emails, set up events and tasks in order to keep your sales reps well organized!

Pros:   Its affordability, ease of use, and uncluttered design make it an ideal option for small businesses.

Cons:  The free version is very limited in terms of features and support available so you'll need to upgrade to the paid version if you want more customizability.

Pros:  It's affordable, easy to use, and offers good customer service.

Cons: It doesn't offer enough features like lead scoring, tracking deals, etc; these are higher-end features that only big enterprises require (over 50 users). However, most SMBs will be able to make do with its basic package which includes all essentials like tasks, calendar, mail merge, etc. Since it's mobile-friendly, your sales reps can track their performance on the go!

This CRM has a free option which is perfect for small businesses as it offers most features even in the free version. It also provides support 24/7 and has a very active community on Facebook where you'll be able to connect with other users who can offer advice or help you out!

Pros:  It's a good option for businesses that want a simple CRM without too many advanced features. The freemium business model also makes it more attractive since they don't have to pay anything till they start scaling up their operations.

Cons:   You won't find any fancy layouts, dashboards, etc. In fact, the design of this CRM will probably remind you of MS Excel! However, most people are happy with its functionality and simplicity, so you might want to give it a try even if looks don't matter to you.

Pros:  It has one of the best free versions in terms of features available for an affordable price. It also provides great customer service and support regarding any technical issues that may arise.

Cons: As the community is still growing, there aren't many reviews or case studies available online about this CRM. Some users have also reported crashes with the mobile app since its version 2.0 but these are minor glitches that will be fixed soon!

Go for either SalesforceIQ, SugarCRM, or Nimble depending on your specific business needs. Do let us know how it goes!