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How to choose high quality soft toy ?

Aug 1

How can you select high-quality plush toys?

Toys with plush fur are among the most loved soft toys. However, what is appealing may actually be dangerous therefore we must be while at the same time and while at the at the same time thinking of security as our most valuable asset! Toys that are plush are particularly important. Below are some of my own views regarding work and personal life.

1. First, it is obvious the age group that people are in for their needs, and then, in accordance with different age groups, to purchase various toys, taking into account the practicality and safety.


For instance, children between the ages of 0 and 1 shouldn't buy toys that have paintings or prints. Organic compounds in dyes could cause skin reactions to infants; children younger than three years old shouldn't select toys that have small pieces that are easily slid off, as they aren't conscious of the dangers and could chew them up and then eat the items in their mouths, which could cause death. The risk is that all toys bought shouldn't have ropes that are placed over the head of the child to prevent the risk of neck tie. Neck tie, if there is one, which can be removed using needles.


2. The appearance and cleanliness of fabrics, the different and low grade of the raw material, the length and short (special yarn and purse yarn) velvet pulled velvet, pulled TIC cloth and so on. These are crucial factors in determining the cost of toys. Certain sellers deceive customers by making use of sub-optimal materials.


3. Check out the stuffing of toys that are plush, which is another factor that affects the cost of toys. A good filled cotton is PP cotton, similar to nine pillow pistils you can find in the grocery store. It is comfortable and is even. It is a poor filling cotton. It is spongy and feels dirty.


4. The fixed components are strong (the minimum requirements are 90N force) and feature angry edge thorns that stretch for kilometers, if they are tiny to keep children from getting into the room during play, and whether the raw materials that are of the same color and position are identical wool orientation. In other words, there could be different colors in the sun and in the wool's opposite orientation, which can affect the aesthetics.


5. The quality of workmanship is among the most important aspects of toys' quality and worth. It's hard to imagine what an unfinished toy could be. Take a close look at the stitching line of the toy is clean and the workmanship is sturdy and beautiful and if the design is appealing as well as whether the right and left positions are symmetrical, if you can feel the softness of your hands, if the stitching on each piece is sturdy, whether the toys' accessories are damaged or missing.


6. Verify whether there are any trademarks such as brands, safety symbols or manufacturer's contact information, etc. and if the binding is sturdy.


7. Verify the exterior and the internal packaging, if the markings are in line, if the performance of the packaging is moisture-proof The packaging inside is made of plastic bags, and the opening's size is over an acceptable range. The bag must be opened using stomata in order to avoid children being suffocated by accident.