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Aug 22

How To Create That Perfect Custom Printed Lanyard For Your Company 

Are you fed up of giving out stress balls or pens with a custom design at every convention you go to?

Do you feel that you're constantly losing business to competitors since nobody seems to be aware the existence of your business?

Are you searching for an item for your promotional campaign that can catch your audience by the surprise and will keep your name in the minds of your customers for a long time after you have made your first impression?

If so, take this year as the year you come up with the perfect custom lanyard design for your company. What is it that can make custom lanyard printing such an effective marketing strategy and what factors should you think about when designing your personal lanyard?

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Why Should You Invest In Custom Lanyard Designs?

Before we begin to advise you on what to consider when designing your own lanyard Let's discuss the reasons the reasons why these unique promotional products are the best idea.

The most obvious reason is that they'll aid your business to increase brand recognition. If people can view a promotional lanyard that represents your business every day of all year (if they attach them to their keys in their cars or on their backpacks, for instance) your name will remain in their minds.

They'll know whom to contact for the products or services you provide. Imagine your customized promotional lanyards as an entirely new type of business card to promote your company.

It's Affordable Marketing

Furthermore, it's a highly efficient method of marketing. Why would you spend hundreds perhaps hundreds thousands of dollars on ad spots on television or social media marketing and ads in the local newspaper when you're not sure your intended audience will end in seeing the ads?

By giving away your custom lanyards, you'll not only make an impression on your current clients. It will also create excitement among potential customers when they are able to see your promotional lanyards in the open and start asking questions about your company's image.

It's Fun For Your Staff And Client

Another reason to invest in custom-designed lanyards is a great idea?

It's a great opportunity to foster relationships between employees and unify your team regardless of where they may be. The team will be thrilled to get together to choose the colors, come up with the concept, and then put together the orders. It's a fun and enjoyable activity that can give your employees a tangible reminder of your appreciation for their work, and act as a reminder of the way that everyone can work in a group.

Everyone loves receiving free things! Offering free lanyards is a great method to show your clients that you value your loyalty. You may be amazed at how positive impression a small present like a lanyard could create.

Ideas To Nail The Perfect Lanyard Artwork

Consider The Color

Naturally, when creating your own custom designs, the color you're planning on using are likely to be the first thing that you consider.

If you're keen on establishing your brand's recognition ensure that you keep the same brand image by choosing the colors of your company.

But, did you realize that colors can also trigger an emotional reaction in the person who receives the colors?

If you're looking to create an atmosphere of trust between you and your clients opt for navy blue. Are you looking to represent the progress of your clients while working with you? If so, choose a green design. Are you looking to show that your brand is outside the norm? Consider using purple.

Don't Forget The Lanyard Type

Once you've chosen your colors you'll have to consider which kind of lanyard is the best for your company.

For example, choose wrist strap lanyards if you want to keep things compact. If you're a business that's focused on being environmentally friendly take a look at our bamboo, recycled, and other environmentally friendly alternatives.

Do you need your lanyard to assist with a name tag or ID badge for an event coming up? If yes, ensure everyone is comfy by using a silicone lanyard. Do your employees or lanyard recipients have to do hazardous job? If so, you should look for lanyards with adjustable lengths that aid in keeping them secure at work.

Decide On Branding Placement And Size

After you've chosen the color, the material, and function, it's time to start contemplating the finer details in the form.

Do you prefer your brand to be subtle or do you want it to stand out and loud?

Do you want your company's name to appear across the entire lanyard or would you prefer to have it printed on the front?

Whichever choice you make you choose, it's essential to keep the accessibility of the design in mind while designing. Even the most beautiful style won't assist you if nobody is able to read the name of your company due to the choice of an indecipherable size or font.

Alongside the lettering In addition to lettering, you may opt to include tiny images, such as the logo of your business into the layout. Discuss with your team what image you think will help you stand out most. As you did with the lettering ensure that you take into consideration the size and location.

Where Can You Get Your Customized Lanyards?

We have a variety of lanyard designs which you can use anywhere regardless of whether you're heading to a conference, creating a booth in front of a soccer game or any other sporting occasion or you just would like to place one inside of a bag for shopping or a shipping container.

Apart from lanyards we also sell custom lead collars for pets camerastraps ID cards/accessories, as well as many more.

In the end, it's up to you what impression you wish to create or what your general branding style is, we can aid you in creating the most effective promotional products to ensure that it gets more recognition during the new year.

Contact us now for a free estimate to find out how we can collaborate to blow the competitors completely out of the park.