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Custom Lanyard Printing Singapore

Aug 30

Consider breakaway lanyards when chosing your promotional lanyards  

Many companies and institutions use custom lanyard printing in Singapore as an easy method for students and employees to show their secure ID badges and card. They're practical, easy to find and are available in a range of styles and colors. But , they can be hazardous.

When is a Lanyard Dangerous?

If you consider the scenarios where branded lanyards could be a danger in, it is clear that they could pose a risk to people who work near huge machinery and heavy equipment. Any part of the production line of your manufacturing facility that the lanyard might become involved with could result in injuries or injury for your workers.

The things that might not seem so apparent are the dangers inherent for those who work with children as well as for the children under their care. The lanyard can be wrapped around the neck of a child easily, and cause harm. Young children who have to wear IDs for their students on lanyards can easily catch it while running or playing in the playground, or at other locations.

Other scenarios where the use of lanyards could be risky include nursing homes, hospitals or psychiatric wards as well as prisons. Any workplace where there is a risk of employees or other workers being aggressive, it is best to reconsider the use of traditional lanyards. A lanyard tied worn around your neck during such situations could become an extremely dangerous object when used by those with the wrong motives.

Breakaway Lanyards are the Answer

If safety is a concern in your workplace, be it to your workers, clients, or even your children and students in their care breakaway lanyards are the best choice. They are available in a range of designs, however most contain some kind of device that opens or gives way when the lanyard is pulled or is caught by something.

Breakaway Lanyards could have a clip that rests in the nape of your neck, and opens when the lanyard is pulled. Other breakaways are made of rubber and lower on the cord, which release when pulled. What all safety lanyard printing feature is a quick release clasp that can be opened easily to avoid the risk of choking.

How to Attach an ID to a Breakaway Lanyard

You'll have more choices when it comes to choosing to connect an ID card or security identification badge to the breakaway lanyard. You can select one that is breakaway with the following options of attachment:

  • Card clamp. This is a clamp made from metal which connects to the slot on the upper part of the ID card. It connects its lanyard.
  • Hook made of plastic. Simple hooks of plastic attach to the slot, and is easy to use.
  • Swivel hook. It is typically constructed of steel and has an easy hook that rotates at its base. This is an excellent alternative if you have two-sided cards.
  • Split rings. Split rings are typically used for keys when that you need to attach the breakaway cord.
  • Badge reel. It typically comes with a clamp on one end, and is ideal for cards that must be put into readers , or swiped.

The Aquaholic Difference

Aquaholic Gifts offers nine different kinds of breakaway lanyards, which means you're bound to find what you're searching for. Go here to to our collection of breakaway Lanyards. Contact one of our specialists today to discuss your requirements and budget.

Our breakaway lanyards are available in bulk, which will help you cut costs and ensure an inventory of custom printed lanyards on the shelf. If you require breakaway Lanyards for your employees, customers or children under your care, we've got the ideal solution to your needs.