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Why is Paintless Dent Removal Better Than Traditional Dent Repair?

Sep 19

Regular maintenance is a vital component of owning your own car. Some issues can be more difficult and costly than other issues. Many dent problems are easily fixed, regardless of whether they were caused by an accident or hailstorm. However, you'll need repair of your dent San Diego to get the best results.


There are usually only two options for fixing damaged dents on cars: filling them in. This traditionally requires sanding, filling, bonding, and painting. Paintless Dent Repair San Diego is a well-known choice. What are the differences between these two methods? And, how can you tell that the best option is for your specific circumstance? If you've got a dent in your car or truck that needs to be fixed then we'll examine these two possibilities in today's blog post to help you choose the one that is right for you.


The old method to get rid of scratches


Dents usually need to be punched out of the vehicle body to minimize the amount of damage or depth of the dent with standard repair techniques. Once the dent has been removed to the maximum extent, the area is ready for fillers with grinding or sanding. Then, a coat of paint that matches the vehicle's initial color will be put on to fill in any gaps.

This is a very expensive option due to the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort. It is possible that customers will have to pay more for repairs if opting for an expensive repair choice. This type of repair is often resisted by many vehicle owners. Repairs are required by the traditional method for dents that are severe and have paint damage, but experts suggest a more efficient method.


There is no need for paint to fix the dent


Paintless dent repair San Diego is a ideal solution to repair the most commonly encountered cosmetic issues in cars. Specialized tools are utilized to restructure the car's damaged metal, so that it appears as if nothing happened. Repainting, bonding, or sanding are not required. As a result, insurance usually covers it since it's a faster and cheaper choice. Some dents are not repaired with PDR (for example, when the metal has stretched enough or the paint has been scraped or chipped), but experts believe that between 80 to 90 percent of all dents can be repaired using PDR.


In the final analysis, car owners do not face a difficult decision in this scenario. To remove dent, PDR is by far the most efficient, cost-effective, and most successful way to remove. If the damage is excessive, traditional San Diego repair of the dent may be required. Do-it-yourself dent repair can compound these problems and cost you more money in long term. This decision should be left up to the pros.

For minor dents on vehicles repair with paintless is usually advised. You can narrow your options based on the damage degree by understanding these two approaches' distinct characteristics and frequent applications. If you have any questions about PDR or wish to have an inspection scheduled for your car, please get in touch with us right away.


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